1. I’ve was given the opportunity to work with American Eagle and the Student Conservation Association on a big project this month. Heart This City is an awesome project moving across the country right now. I was chosen as the Chicago artist to collaborate with artist Lakawena on art for the mural. A friend of mine and I spent the first week of the month painting this mural in Little Village!

    Check out my interview with SCA here:

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  2. Happy days!


  8. blcklux asked: If anyone was to get your artwork tattooed on them without permission. Would you take it as a compliment, or would you be offended?

    If they claimed it as their own I would be offended for sure. I’m super down with people getting tattoos of my work as long as I know about it! 

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  12. vannicha asked: Your art is awesome ! Keep it up :)

    Thank you! I will try :) 

  13. Some shots of a Boondocks ad I painted last week in Chicago!

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  14. Currently working on a big wall in Chicago!


  15. pizzakingorama asked: Your art style is soooo cool! :) you're very skilled.

    Thanks man! Appreciate it.