1. Check out my insta for the live feed of Nina’s World. 


  2. New little painting. 

  4. A quick poster I made for Berlin Nightclub here in Chicago. Thursday I’ll be doing a little performance with the lovely host with the most, Miss Tosh. Mark your calendars! It’s going to be a fun night.

  5. Happy Monday guys!

    Check out my latest and greatest creation N.E.Thing Goes!
    This is just the beginning, more things are coming very soon. 

    This first batch of shirts is limited edition, get em’ while they’re hot!




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  6. New world.

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  7. Spent last week painting these two walls for Reyka Vodka with a friend of mine! 

  10. Spent yesterday afternoon painting this quickie! 

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  11. danieldavidowitz said: Yo, your mural is nuts

    Haha thanks man. It was quite the project!


  14. Anonymous said: Where can I buy your work?

    Work is available in my online store! If you want a specific piece just email me about it, I may still have it. 



  15. Entered the world of painting this week!